Body Building

Join us as Pastor Angela Fox delivers a powerful message as we continue our ONE series.

Here are a few key points: 

0:00 ONE

3:15 We, Us, Our

8:05 One Body, One Spirit

12:17 Becoming the body

16:55 Jesus is the cornerstone

24:00 Body of Christ

29:30 Physical therapy

34:19 Build

35:50 Belong

41:29 Benefits

42:38 Blessing

43:55 Unity


- Oneness is God’s nature. We are designed to be with Him and with each other, learning to live as ONE like Jesus and our Heavenly Father.

- We are all formed in His image, we are first connected to him and then we are connected to each other.

- Jesus is the cornerstone piece and we are first designed to be attached to Him.

- When we disconnect from the body, there is no life, no blood flow, no way to keep life flowing to it.




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