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DNA is a course held once per quarter.  We share the history, heart, vision and core beliefs of Jubilee Church. If you are new to Jubilee or if this is your church home and you would like to get more involved in the life the church this is the place for you! You will meet our pastors and leaders and you will have the opportunity to hear the vision, mission and the DNA of Jubilee Church.

We offer childcare at DNA for our kids ages 6 months-5th grade. If you plan to bring your children, please register them below as we'll plan adult staff accordingly. We'll see you soon!

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We Serve is the “dream team” of people in our house who make a way for others to experience Jesus.  This faithful team of volunteers serve people in the most helpful, gracious and generous way possible.  We believe everyone should serve somewhere!  
Join our the We Serve team NOW and volunteer to serve in our house!
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Growth Track

We believe everyone has a specific purpose and plan that God has called him or her to fulfill. One of the ways to fulfill this purpose is through our Growth Track. The Jubilee Growth Track is designed to help you build the foundations of your faith, uncover the keys of hearing God’s voice, equip your potential as a strong and influential Christian leader, and push you forward into a lifestyle of fruitfulness as you serve the Lord.

This all-encompassing ministry training will equip you to serve as a ministry leader and propel you toward your destiny.

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