She's Salty (Part 2)

Join Pastor Angela as we dive into part 2 of "She's Salty."

Here are a few key points:


• You exist on this earth to BE SALTY!

• Salt changes the flavor of things

• You are designed to bring change, to enhance the flavor of the culture and people around you!

• When we become like salt and we bring change into situations and circumstances, God intends for that change to be EFFECTIVE!

• Not all change is effective!

• Effective change is called influence!

• Influence is the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of something or someone or to effect itself. • In order to be effective, you have to pray for God to position you in a place that you can bring influence

• When we find ourselves in situations, environments that are pulling us in and could destroy us, it’s time RUN!!! - Resist the devil

• There was something INSIDE of Lot’s wife that she was trying to preserve and in managing her past and reminiscing about what was, she ended up being permanently preserved and never got to see what was ahead, what was to come!

• We are so busy preserving ourselves, our life, our habits, our things, our selfish desires, our past…we don’t have any flavor in the salt of our lives because we used it all up preserving ourselves.

• We have to stop trying to preserve the past so we can be salt to the world around us! Stop looking back and preserving what was! • Salt used to be so valuable that it was used to pay people and there were people who figured out how to cheat the system and they would put fake salt or filler into bags and salt and sell them for a high price.

• When we try to preserve things it decreases the value of the salt in you!

1. Preserving the Past

- You are so caught up in “what was” that you can’t step into something new! This a place that can paralyze us. (I get stuck in my past, I get stuck in past experiences.)

- God said, behold i will do a NEW thing.

- You can’t put new wine in old wine skins. You are trying to preserve your past like Lot’s Wife Remember Lot’s Wife!!! She was longing for what was.

2. Preserving the Disappointment

- Disappointment is a HOPE-KILLER! Once we are disappointed, it’s so hard to believe again and hope again. Which is why you have to know the salt in you has purpose!

- You need start pouring some salt into your own life and start preserving the HOPE that is in Jesus.

3. Preserving the Offense

- Offenses breed bitterness in your life. We will hold on to offenses and preserve them because it makes us feel justified!!!

- Salt Cuts Bitterness. When we become the salt, we bring the sweetness that counteracts bitterness

4. Preserving Opinions

- Whatever you have dominion over, you influence.

- In order for me to have influence, it starts IN me!

- God wants to change how people see you, so he can increase your influence!!

- God will create a disruption in your life to raise your level of influence - your level of saltiness

- You have to know you were doing what you were created to do!




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