She's Salty (Part 1)

Join Pastor Angela as she brings us the word on this special Mother's Day.

Here are a few key points:

• Moms are influencers! Moms are salty! Mom’s definitely bring flavor to the family!

• Women are designed to carry things, it’s the reason God gave us a womb. Whether you have natural children or not, you are still designed to carry things and birth things!!!

• How much a mom can carry is not what makes her strong, it‘s what she chooses to carry or not carry that brings Life!

• What you carry is what will influence those around you.

• When you carry the thing that God wants to birth in your life, what you carry is going to release influence!

• What you carry; you are designed to release!!

• Deborah

- She was a prophetess, a poet, a judge, a warrior and a wife!

- She was full of: Power, Integrity, Authority, Wisdom, Grace - She was Sensible!

- Deborah carried all these things and influenced a nation!

• What you carry is what brings influence!

• Deborah carried wisdom

- She carried instructions in her, she was able to bring wisdom in the middle of disputes and she could speak the truth with wisdom.

• When you carry wisdom, you bring value.

• Deborah carried integrity.

- She was trusted.

- Trust is something that has to be earned!

- She earned her position due to her belief and faith in God. Her strong faith earned her the respect of the people, which allowed her to influence and motivate Barak and his men.

- She wasn’t out to manipulate.

• Deborah carried authority.

- She was driven! She was confident! She was courageous and she walked in authority!

- Being “driven” is defined as follows: “To be propelled or impelled along, as if by a force from behind.”

- When we are driven, there is an invisible hand pushing us relentlessly forward. We may not always know where we are going, but we feel a strong sense of urgency to keep moving.

• We may not always know what the future holds, but if we are driven by His Spirit, we can be confident that He will lead us to triumph in the end.

• Deborah carried compassion.

- Deborah showed great compassion for her people.

- When the Israelites were oppressed by the Canaanites, Deborah led them to victory in battle and freed them from slavery.

- She also showed compassion for the poorest and most vulnerable members of society, fighting for their rights and helping them to find justice.

• Deborah carried power.

- She was a prophetess!!! She took her God-Given authority and she did something with it!

- She didn't let being a woman or any other excuse keep her from being exactly who God blacked her to be!!!! A Warrior

- She awakens thing in others! She had to rise up and be the warrior God made her!!!

• Warriors are up for the fight!!!

- Moms don’t back down from a fight!!!!

- Deborah was ready to go and fight for it!

- She didn’t just say it, she was willing run into it!!!!

• Walk in the power of God inside of you to speak to the king inside the man in your life and speak LIFE!!!




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