I Am Becoming... That House

Hear from our men and women of the house recapping our Mens Freedom Weekend and our Women's Priceless Conference.


Testimony Speakers: Jonathan Rutland, Josh Lutz, Paco Uribe, April Kent, Nancy Brumfield, and Ana Curry


Here are some key points:


1) Must Dig Deep

• Higher the structure, deeper the digging required!

• We believe: authentic will become more attractive. God is purifying the HIS CHURCH!!

• Before God elevates, he excavates (DIGS)!

• If God dug it out, let it go, something better is on its way


2) Must build before (the storms come)

• The time to build is before ('before the rain came') – not after storms come.

• The size of your storm is an indication of the significance of your life. Greater significance = greater (size, frequency, etc.) storms!

• Storms will determine (reveal) level of hunger. There will always be testing of the foundation in YOU – it will reveal where your hope and faith is place in!! Dig past our issues….so we can build a foundation that we will be prepared and able to sustain the storms of life.

• Storm produces maturity (joy in the storms)


3) We must know the BUILDER

• Building your house on the rock = obeying Jesus vs. building your house on the sand = doing it my way

• The only difference here is DOING or NOT DOING what Jesus says!





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