Setup to Believe

Join Pastor Angela Fox as we learn to believe in Jesus.


Here are a few key points:

• Jesus is the TRUTH! There’s only ONE TRUTH!

• When we don’t know JESUS, we don’t know the TRUTH!

• There is confusion between truth and facts right now. Truth is what orients our Reality.

• When you have Jesus, You have truth!

• God wants people to build their life on the TRUTH!

• The Key is believing - What do you believe?

• The first thing a computer has to do when it is turned on is start up a special program called an operating system. The operating system's job is to help other computer programs to work by handling the messy details of controlling the computer's hardware.

• All the other messy details of life, all the other apps that open in your life are dependent on your belief system. So if your belief system is messed up, then everything else is messed up!

• Processors and operating systems are two different terms. If the processor serves as the brain, the operating system serves as the brain's conscience.

• Your belief system has to be strong enough to withstand all the things that get downloaded and take up space in your mind and in your life and you have there has to be something stronger that is in control!

• As Jesus-Followers, we have to know what WHAT we believe! We have to know WHO we believe!

• What you value is what you will believe in and what you believe will drive your behavior!

• Believing in Jesus is the what everything hinges on, when we pray and ask Jesus to be Lord of our lives it’s because we believe in Him, we believe He can and will rescue us, we believe he is the son of God, that He died on a cross, that he resurrected. Even though we have never seen HIM, yet, we BELIEVE!

• It’s not your behavior that will condemn you, it’s what you're believing!

• When I believe in Jesus, I now have the TRUE way of believing, so I don’t have to question everything anymore!

• The enemy is out to attack what you BELIEVE!

• The enemy is after what you believe in! We determine in our heart and mind what we are going to believe in! The enemy is after your heart and your mind!

• Don’t lean to your own understanding, don’t lean on what you know Knowing is always evolving, knowledge is always changing - you probably learned something today, you didn’t know yesterday.

• Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever

• Your belief system has to be built on something you trust in, on something that’ s solid, that’s proven, something that’s really true

• It has to be built on JESUS CHRIST!!!

• God’s integrity warrants your belief!

• When you really believe what you believe, you stand on what you believe!! I have to trust God to make decisions in my life and in my relationships and my situation.

• God’s integrity is absolute, He is absolute truth To Believe:

1. Seek Jesus

• In order to believe, you have to earnestly seek GOD!!!!

• The more we talk about belief, DOUBT is being pushed out of your mind, out of this room, pushed out of your behavior, pushed out of your life!!!!

• Everything Jesus did was so that we would BELIEVE!!!!!

2. Eliminate Doubt

• When you believe, faith rises.

• When you believe, the Holy Spirit convinces you

• You believe that you receive!!! - That requires Faith

• You may need to change your support system to block out voices that bring doubt and unbelief into your life

3. Trust Jesus

• Trust is the fuel for Belief! The more I trust, the more I believe It may not be on my time schedule. Wait on God

• Trust the Process!!!

• When you trust the process for the promise, you are learning to trust the ways of Jesus Trust builds faith!

4. Unlearn Limits

• Maybe God isn’t going to do it, the way you thought or the way you expected.

• Jesus was full of plot twists, he wasn’t going to be boxed into the opinions or limited mindsets of those around him

5. Pursue Faith

• We have to have faith!!!

• Faith is how believing becomes seeing!

• Faith to Believe!




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