Who Is This Man?

Join Pastor Angela as we learn the meaning of "Palm Sunday."


Here are a few key points:

• Jesus is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE!

• Only Jesus! There’s only one way….Jesus! There’s only one who gave his life…Jesus! There’s only one who resurrected….Jesus! JUST JESUS!!!

• Today is known as “Palm Sunday” This is the beginning of a week we refer to as “Holy Week” or “Passion Week”.

The last week leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus.

Jesus knew his time was coming to an end and He knew what was coming and timing was everything.


1. Jesus Goes Public

• Jesus had almost gone off the grid for a bit before he entered Jerusalem. He knew he had to go public to get the attention that was going to usher in his arrest and crucifixion! He had to be recognized as the Messiah, the King that had been promised

• One of the reasons this part of the story is so significant is that it was fulfilling prophecy. The Bible is full of prophecy, prophecy from God will be fulfilled, it will happen!


2. Jesus Comes with Peace

• Why did Jesus come in on a donkey? A colt that had never been ridden before? Because, He was fulfilling the prophecy from Zechariah

• Donkeys were used over and over in scripture in the Old Testament and throughout the New Testament.

- Balaam and the donkey

- Mary and Joseph rode on a donkey

- The greatest celebration of Jesus on earth

- He rode in on a donkey

• Donkey’s represented peace and humility

• Donkey’s are designed to carry weight


3. Jesus Chooses the Unqualified

• Jesus chose a colt, a donkey that had never been ridden, which was a sign of a pure sacrifice.
• Riding on an unbroken animal pointed to the use of “perfect” animals for sacrificial purposes. Additionally, in small way it showed Jesus’ power over nature-even this inexperienced animal was submissive to him.

• The donkey had to carry Jesus!

• We are designed to carry things, we want the blessing but we don’t want the weight of carrying it.

• God may be calling you to carry something you’ve never carried before and you have to be willing to carry it.

• Get the one that has never carried that much weight before.

• it is a light burden compared to the weight of his glory

• God chooses the unqualified


4. Jesus Gets the Glory!

• The donkey was carrying Jesus, but Jesus got all the glory!

• 2 million people shouting, praising, saying… Save Us! They were all there to celebrate Passover

• They were waving palm branches and throwing down their jackets for the donkey to walk on so Jesus could get the glory!

• He is the King who came to SAVE US! ALL OF US!

• We have to put him in His rightful place - He is LORD - HE Gets all the praise and all the glory!!!

• Praise is permeated with honor, full of adoration, demonstrates devotion It’s for JESUS, JUST JESUS!! All our praise if or HIM! • Jesus gets the glory, you are designed to carry him and praise him!!!!

• Palm Sunday reminds me that you get the glory, everything I am is because of you Jesus!!!!

• We can’t respond until we are untied. - the colt had to be untied! 5. Jesus Chooses Purity

• He cleaned the temple and he cursed the fig tree

• The fig tree had leaves, but no fruit They looked like they were pure but there was no purity the Pharisees - all leaves no fruit

• He came for the hungry not to bring hype, but to bring hope!




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