All In (part 2)

Join Pastor Tim Fox as he dives into part 2 of "All in."

Here are some key points:

ALL IN: “Six SALTY VALUES from Paul’s Life”

1. I made sure my generation knew the truth.

• Gospel = an announcement judgment of God because of our rebellion; we are dead in our sin BUT God so loved the world that he gave his only Son—Jesus, who came and did for us what we could never do for ourselves.
• Gospel declares that if you will turn from your rebellion and admit that you need to be saved and that you cannot save yourself, he will save you and give you eternal life. I’m not responsible for how you respond to that; I am responsible for making sure you hear it and understand it.

2. I pointed people to Jesus.

• Although a leader (influencer), he was a server! Never about him!!

• “humility” (used 200 times in the Bible) doesn’t mean weakness

(sometimes translated) – it’s not a flaw/insult BUT incredible virtue!

• Humility = the fear of the Lord

• I want your attention to be on Jesus, not on me.

3. I strengthened the Church.

• There is one institution, Paul says, that Jesus died for; one body he gave his life to create—the church. Paul says, If Jesus poured out his blood for the church, I’m going to pour my life into it.”

• Preached the whole will of God - he was BOLD!!

• If Jesus died for the church, you should be deeply devoted to it.

• I know it’s not perfect—that’s why Jesus died for it. More than ever, this is the time for the church to rise. We’re the only ones that can offer real hope, real salvation.

4. I was faithful to all that Jesus told me to do.

• It’s personal – Paul received a personal assignment from Jesus: “My course. The ministry I received.” God doesn’t give the same assignment to everybody. But he has given you an assignment. And at the end of the day, we’ll answer to him for what we did with what he gave us.

• Paul experienced/expected: Flogging, being beaten with rods, stoned, imprisoned, Shipwrecked, hungry, cold, sleeplessness.

5. I finished strong.

• A lot of people start well in the Christian life, but they don’t persevere on to the finish.

• Sometimes it is just the pain of obedience. It felt great to make the decision. But now.... “How valuable is Jesus to me?”

• Sometimes people just give up from fatigue: They just don’t see the payoff for all their sacrifice. They are not seeing the fruit; not feeling the multiplication. Paul felt like that sometimes. Often his sermons ended with people trying to stone him.

• Be steady – FINISH!!

6. I gave more than I took.

• Paul’s last words are about generosity. Successful (blessed life) = give more than you take. Why? Jesus is our example.... defined by giving, not receiving.

• Help the weak!

• Give more than you take!

Six SALTY VALUES from Paul’s Life – ALL IN

• I made sure my generation knew the truth.

• I pointed people to Jesus.

• I strengthened the Church.

• I was faithful to all that Jesus told me to do.

• I finished strong.

• I gave more than I took.




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