Mountains of Influence (part 2)

Join Pastor Tim as we dive into part 2 of Mountains of Influence.

Here are a few key points:

• Part 2: Business, Government, Media, and Arts & Entertainment

• Christians are called to be SALT (and LIGHT) in the world - When lives are transformed by the gospel, our community(s) will be impacted.

• 7 Mountains of Influence are cultures that influence the way we think and even live. Mountains are controlled by a small number of influencers. We must engage so we can bring change and transformation to our community/nation.

• Business

- One of the challenges we have encountered as a Body has been the ignorance that prevails within the Church regarding ‘kingdom economics’. We don’t know how to access the economy of God, or we are not accessing it to the fullness of God’s potential for us.

• Joseph:

- Jewish teenage boy (Genesis 37) - Favorite Son of Jacob’s and despised Brother - so sold as a slave by them.

• Overseer of Potiphar’s house & falsely put in Prison by his wife

- Genesis 39 reads "But while Joseph was there in the prison, the Lord was with him; he showed him kindness and granted him favor in the eyes of the prison warden."

- Joseph got put in charge of all the prisoners – interprets dreams of cupbearer & baker.

- At age 30, He was made the governor over the land of Egypt – controlled the economy of Egypt in the midst of famine - opened storehouses to the nations, preserved the heritage of God’s people and brought unity among his brothers.

• Government/Politics

- The truth remains that the Church must change their perspective regarding politics and government, or we will become irrelevant in today’s world.

- Jesus said in John 17, “we are to be in this world, but not of this world.” We are not called to be political or cultural isolationists but called to be Kingdom minded.

- Our mission is to influence without being influenced.

- We must have Christ-followers in places of influence and governmental authorities.

• Media

- Media is a significant force that has the capacity to create the cultures that always influences and defines the character of a people geographically. The media is a stronghold that influences, helps create cultures and even controls the minds of people.

- Church can influence this mountain… does require prayer, involved people, and money. We can utilize these platforms to preach the Gospel!!

• Arts & Entertainment

- Has become an idol– major influencer. Captivated hearts, and influences behavior and attitude towards one another.

• Our city can be captivated for Jesus Christ when we join in a common desire to see God direct our steps and reveal the plans, HE has for our city!

• How to impact the Mountains that Christ called me to:

1. DO: Let your light shine before people and be Spirit-led

2. LOVE: Serve others (see what Jesus saw). Do Good!

3. PRAY: Jesus told his disciples to ask God to send workers to work in the harvest field because laborers are few.

4. TELL: Share your story and Christ’s story and then leave the results with God.


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